Disconnected stories

I did a count the other day and found that I had 12 stories….!  12!!! That’s 3 above my original target.  I think that there are two potentially that won’t happen for certain reasons… due to not being engaged with the story teller due to circumstances changing and also because there is no definitive ‘object’ to a certain extent.  I need to some how either work out a way to tell them that I won’t be moving forward with the story or maybe I should just leave it?  Strangely they are the first two stories I was given/told and so maybe this is because I wasn’t completely sure about what I wanted from them….?  I may revisit or I may just start on these later on and see what happens….

In terms of the other stories, most objects are in the pipeline or ready to be started, however I am having trouble balancing time….time between reading, making and work!  I am hoping to look at my work timetable today to see where I can fit both making and reading in in the week….fingers crossed!!!

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