From leather to latex

So I finally graduated and with that comes new adventures! I’ve started to look into latex as a making material. This is something I briefly explored aboout 15 years ago when I made underwear but didn’t continue. I think the combination of leather and latex will be interesting in my work. I just need to find time to experiment!
I’ve purchased a number of different thicknesses and colours to try and learn different skills and techniques. I’m currently at the experimenting stage, in terms of learning about the stretch and the tolerance of the materials depending on their thickness. I have a tendancy to rush in and start lots of things at once with no real structure, so I need to get this out of my system and then take a step back to learn the technical side, but right now i’m enjoying the playful bit!

I will then hopefully be able to come up with a question as to what i’m trying to achieve or discover. There is little written on latex. One text book from 2004 exists but then little else. There are youtube clips by amateur makers and downloadable information at a price but again this is a lot of information at once and hard to process. I will go through these elements when I become more in tune with the material.

Photos will follow!

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