London Inspiration

I have begun to get back into reading over the past week….When I say get back into reading, I have found lots of papers and started to organise what I had.  I’ve found old papers I had printed and tried to work out what use they would be but now after doing a chapter plan it seems to be coming together.

I am trying to remember the best way to read and write up what I found out, but that stage is proving slightly difficult.

Having come down to London for work stuff I managed to visit the Tate Britain and the Rachel Whiteread exhibition.  It was this and looking hard at a resin cast of a door that I had a moment of clarity.  I sat on the floor and wrote a list of my objects and how the finished artefacts would become a container for memory.  This will make up part of my object analysis when I get onto that.  It was one of those things that suddenly became clear and I remembered why I was doing the project.  It made me double check my decisions and in a few instances, re- design the ideas I’ve come up with.  I need to do a few sketches again too.  It has made me passionate about the making again as well, but I still find it hard as to how I am going to fit it all in…..


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