So I managed to start! I’ve decided to start with the toblerone but I’m thinking it should have been more golden however I think it’s ok….

It’s quite easy to change colour actually! I watched a quick vid on YouTube. 

I just feel a bit weird sitting at my desk crocheting as it feels like I’m not doing work but I am!!!! Very odd! 


Today’s the crochet day!

So I am sat at my desk with my crochet materials next to me….

Every time I have tried to start I keep thinking of things I need to remember….

  • I am making an object in a way that links to somebodies memory of someone so I need to be sympathetic to that.
  • The person in question crocheted jumpers for her granddaughter without a pattern….so I need to knit this object without a pattern (probably a good thing as I can’t read a pattern).
  • It needs to encompass all the different colours of the different objects in it.
  • It’s not about using fancy stitches and it can be crocheted anywhere, even cooking stew!
  • I want to try not to pull it out so any mistakes will show the process.  If I want to continue learning I will keep practicing on samples so I can add these different stitches as I progress.

So that’s a few pointers I need to remember whilst making!


Making the abstract, concrete

Starting to analyse each story more now and like I mentioned in the last post i’ve been drawing up ideas and putting them into a named file.  This is one belonging to ‘Claire’, *names all changed*.

She discussed remembering her Nana with lots of different brands from Duraglit, Toblerone, Marvel Milk, Quality Streets etc.  She also talked about the process of crocheting and how she used to go to her Nana’s and leave with a  fully finished jumper.

From this story I’ve been experimenting in learning crochet and now I have started to try and get the abstract ideas out of my head and onto paper…!

I am hoping to pick up wool (cheap acrylic) this week to carry on with the design.

The Trouble with Making

I have a confession to make.  I’m avoiding making….Not on purpose but I seem to be finding other ‘things’ to do for my PhD rather than get into the making.  I just seem to have lost my making mojo!

I keep having ideas and now I am using a folder system to keep each participants information in then when I think of an idea I am adding a scribble or doodle or notes to the it.  It seems to be working quite well at the moment and my story regarding crochet seems to be the one I keep becoming inspired by.  I also am working on a story about a ‘rolling pin’ which again I keep jotting down notes and coming up with ideas, but never managing to produce anything.

I think doing a part time PhD and working full time is proving quite difficult.  Because I lecture and study at the same place I find it hard to break away from the role on my designated ‘research day’ or because it’s on a thursday, by the time thursday rolls around i’m completely wiped out making ‘making’ considerably harder.

Also with making, i’ve always enjoyed it so its hard to then do it when I feel like I should be marking or planning a lecture.  It doesn’t seem like a legitimate thing to be doing (it feels like playing to me).  With this in mind, maybe it’s the perception of making as research that has to change which in turn may help to change my mindset…..

So the goal this week.  Buy cheap acrylic wool (as per the direction in the story i’m working on) and start to crochet a toilet dolly….(never done before)…This is to: a) make it look like mistakes are OK and b) the narrator of the story spoke of how her Nana created crocheted objects from memory rather than pattern so things were always slightly off….(which is good as my new found skills are limited!)

I might also try and learn a few different stitches as at the moment I can only seem to go round in a circle and it would be better to learn how to work in lines too….!  I’m going to go into the studio early on thursday to try and give it a go!