Writing up findings

This is it. It’s the findings chapter… what I have done and what I have discovered…! Eeek!

Although this is supposed to be my summer holidays I’ve tried to dedicate some of the time towards getting the write up of the PhD done, because as soon as term starts I can guarantee it will be the last thing on the agenda. In some ways I wish I had just spent all of my time doing it but in other ways, I’ve needed th break. There is still the opportunity to finish it so this is what I’m concentrating on this week.

My friend who started at the same time as me is also on the same trajectory. It’s been really nice chatting as we have kept each other on track, although at the moment I can’t match her 4.30 starts! Will try for an 8am start tomorrow though!

I’d like to finish the findings chapter if poss by Monday, then it’s the conclusion and recap on the introduction. I know there will be many changes to come but a working draft at least will be a bonus to have by mid September if possible.

That’s the plan anyway!!! Onwards and upwards! Then I’ll have all the time in the world to get one with some making! Wahoo!!!

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