The final furlong

It’s been a while. I can’t actually believe it’s been over a year. It has been a crazy year too. I had originally planned to get submitted by last Christmas (2020) but due to the year and teaching commitments in a Covid environment life took over and so the write up was put on the back burner. I did try and get submitted for Christmas and had a solid final draft.

I’ve been tweaking and laying out for a while, adding here and there, continually reading and thinking until it got to its current state in august.

Then, after the proof reading by my lovely mum, her health took a turn for the worst and she passed away. I have experienced a number of losses of participants and craftspeople throughout my PhD, which has been painfully sad, but the person who taught me all of her skills has been hard to comprehend.

As I reach this final furlong and hopefully imminent submission it is filled with both happiness and sadness. Mum was so pleased that it was nearly complete and I’m so happy she got to read it through… the acknowledgement made her cry. I’m just very sad she didn’t get to see it handed in.

This is where this part of the journey ends and I look forward to the viva and discussing my practice with my examiners.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey


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