3D Max! Training and Ideas!

Today has been both a new experience and also a blast from the past.  I am wanting to use a 3d printer to create the rolling pin with embedded or extruded writing as I want it to be able to print into pastry when it is rolled.  It has been really beneficial to attend this and I will be there until Wednesday as it’s a proper hard core training session!  Doing the processes of learning such as below creating a ‘lathe’ to rotate the object round an axel creates the exact shape that I would need (experimentation with candle sticks).  As the trainer was teaching us about creating helix and springs I had another idea (seen below) of creating the rolling pin shape with the text of the recipe.  Although then I am not sure this would be strong enough and I have been thinking after printing the rolling pin I can cast in silicone again into a shape to create a case for it with the words inside…..!  This and the medal/bottle is a step up from what I have previously tried to cast so it is really pushing my skills which I am looking forward to!


Progression Meeting 2!

I was lucky enough this week to see both my supervisors and also my second meeting of the week both clarified and solidified what had already been discussed.  I have started to transcribe my meeting recordings now as it’s the written side I struggle with so I think that it will help.

I need to start planning my chapters and thinking about the reading and what I need to write….from areas such as the container and contained, storytelling, life stories, documentation as the art form, heritage craft to name but a few.  Once I’ve started to get these areas together I think that will help.

I need to update my timetables of making and type up a few more notes so I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks to have time to do this.  It’s put me on a positive note so I feel good about the direction and spurred on!  I feel like I am starting to own my project a lot more now too.


Progression meeting

Had a great progression meeting with my supervisor today.  Felt like I had a lot to show her in terms of making and so glad I’d started reading and was able to explain some of the new bits I’d found out.  She was really interested in the silicone objects and what they will stand for etc.  Also need to think about what they are made from too as this is a significant part of the work.

Shoes – Co- Production

Through the process of this PhD so far I have always been interested in Co-Production.  I never really thought how this could be integrated as such, however since building relationships, I’d like to say friendships with the majority of the people I have interviewed, who I did not know before the process, I have, on several occasions felt strongly about contacting them to let them know how the work is progressing.

This week I met up with my brass shoe participant!  We had such a lovely chat and again like 3 other participants I’ve met up with, it was more of a friendship meet up and not just for ‘work’.  I did however take along what I have been making, in this case the moulds of the shoes and told her the idea of creating a ‘memory bubble’ as that’s how her story came across and she has them on the kitchen window so she can see them every morning.  It was funny actually, as when we first did the initial interview, she mentioned that her Grandma had always had days a week in which she would clean the brass, spreading out newspaper, but she never really had.  She laughed and said she’d actually cleaned them!  I thought that was great that she’d started to interact with the object again and like me when I was moulding the same shoes, I wonder if she’d thought of the story she had told and her Grandma.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was as I was talking her through my ideas, she said it would work well hanging in a window and catching the light as that’s how I always try and show people the space that the object has left in my casts.  I had not even thought of that idea, but I totally agreed that it would look fantastic hanging with natural light coming through the piece.  I am going to make sure when I have the frame made that I can attach a hook to the top in order to hang it.  It seems to show Co Production happening in real life!