Today’s the crochet day!

So I am sat at my desk with my crochet materials next to me….

Every time I have tried to start I keep thinking of things I need to remember….

  • I am making an object in a way that links to somebodies memory of someone so I need to be sympathetic to that.
  • The person in question crocheted jumpers for her granddaughter without a pattern….so I need to knit this object without a pattern (probably a good thing as I can’t read a pattern).
  • It needs to encompass all the different colours of the different objects in it.
  • It’s not about using fancy stitches and it can be crocheted anywhere, even cooking stew!
  • I want to try not to pull it out so any mistakes will show the process.  If I want to continue learning I will keep practicing on samples so I can add these different stitches as I progress.

So that’s a few pointers I need to remember whilst making!



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