Rolling pin….further work

So again on a friday afternoon I went to the workshop to do some more ‘rolling pinning’ on the lathe…!  Having been taught techniques for making two weeks previously I got to get my hands on a bit of wood myself!!! This meant turning the square into a round, smoothing it off, tapering the ends and lastly sanding till smooth….I still have to sand it smooth and that will happen in a couple of weeks, but I really enjoyed getting stuck in and learning the new craft as it were!!!  Hopefully I can apply more of this crafting to my own work….?  If i’m allowed back on the lathe! It was really rewarding to see the object in the making and again I found myself retelling the story of Emily’s mother in my head as it took shape….

My ‘teacher’ was fantastic and told me all sorts of different things to do to make things work like tapping the callipers on the metal of the lathe to get them dead accurate…  I am looking forward to finishing this section…!  I documented all the making process on film so it will be interesting to create the journey of the object….IMG_4349

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