3D printing and Gingerbread

The rolling pin story object began to come into its own today.  I managed to print a sample of the rolling pin (a quarter) to test to see how the writing would look when imprinted onto dough. It was funny as the drawing of the rolling pin was sliced up and printed on the ‘makerbot’ and watching how it printed the layers was fantastic.  It actually still felt like I was making it and seeing the words appear was quite emotional.

Tonight I decided to put the pin to the test!  I aquired a girl and boy gingerbread cookie cutter as per the recipe and got all set up.  I also filmed the process to document what I was doing and how I was feeling whilst making the recipe.  It was quite an emotional experience, reading somebodies hand writing and following their instructions to see how it would work.  As well as making the gingerbread people I practiced printing into the dough with the section of rolling pin and it worked so well!  I was shocked at how good an impression I got from it to be honest!  When it baked it disappeared slightly but I think I need to roll the dough thinner.  I was wondering what I want to actually do with the gingerbread people after making or what I can do with the participant…?  Like getting the participant to use the rolling pin and see her mothers words be printed?  I will have  think.

On the plus side I took the biscuits to a friends child’s 2nd birthday party and they went down a treat!  It was quite rewarding actually, seeing people who I knew and had only just met sharing this recipe that had been hidden in a book, but was now again being enjoyed by a number of people.  I will have to tell my participant about it!

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