GingerBread Men and Women again

I decided to make the ginger bread recipe again and re-film as the first time I’d used the wrong sugar and so they came out a bit grainy.  I re-filmed it and again the same feelings of reading the story, hearing the interviewee talk etc came flooding back.  I really need to start reading into the transferal of emotions as its so funny how every time I start making the ‘memories’ I’ve been told come flooding back.

I took them when I went to meet the participant and when she tasted one she exclaimed “the taste instantly takes me back”, which was a really nice reaction.  She also complimented me on how they were made and explained the reason her mother had made girls and boys was for when they sold in the shop, little girls wanted girls and little boys wanted a boy.  A nice addition to the story.

It feels like each time I re-meet participants they are continually building on this memory that has begun, almost to the point that I feel like I knew the person or lived the memory myself.

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