Bottle  Casting


This object is causing me a little bit of bother…So much so that I am currently making two different artefacts as I am not sure which one will turn out better!

The glass bottle cast (bottom) looked fantastic when I’d done it.  It really picked up a lot of detail that the plaster missed out, although the plaster will be shined up hopefully to see if I can pour into it.  I then decided on the top to cast the medal and the ribbon.  I had to bend the medal to sit snuggly round the bottle which I felt a bit bad about.  It is only a replica and I would never dream of doing it with the real thing, but still felt bad for doing it.  I also attempted to create a silicone medal in a silicone mould.  It was however not the outcome I wanted as annoyingly the release agent I have been using is wax based and leaves a matt finish.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find something that has a clear finish about it.

As I remembered from my MA the Silastic (translucent silicone) doesn’t like the pink silicone as I tried casting into it but it stayed sticky.

When I demoulded the bottle I did a fast cast of it to mould leather round and then put it back in the original mould to do the top.

Looking forward to de- moulding…….!

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