Tutorial to sort me out!

Just had a tutorial with my second supervisor.  I was in a blind panic after yesterday and the day before’s non productive writing days.  Think I’d got overwhelmed with all the different areas and the report and actually stopped thinking about the overall project and purpose of the PhD.

This has just reminded me how much I am enjoying my subject and what I am trying to do.  It worried me when questioned what I was actually trying to do that I’d forgotten!  It made me worry that what I was doing wasn’t valid, but having looked at the aims and objectives I’ve remembered what I am trying to achieve and we have added in a couple of other bits for good measure!

We talked about the making process and that actually I am a mediator or ‘processor’ or ‘transmitter’ of the emotion in the collected narratives into material objects.  I need to read Duchamps ‘Creative Act’ ASAP like here http://eunchurn.com/mvio/Duchamp_Creative_Act.pdf 

What else…The literature review is something that has freaked me out for weeks and so now is the time to confront it.  I need to take things out of the ‘matrix’ as that’s one thing that’s freaking me out!  I need to replace this by looking at things that are actually relevant to my study.  I need to spread this out so I can see what’s actually needed and what I have missed.  I also need to write about some and disregard some, they don’t all have to be in there.  That is my job tomorrow.

Need to change aims a bit…just tighten them up along with my objectives.

Portfolio review I need to look at what i’ve done already.  I could link that to my blog (here) and talk about the studio practice.  I might do this as an indesign thing or something.  I feel the need to hand write so need to do that too.

Right.  Feeling empowered!!!!!

Thank goodness!  Thanks A 🙂

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