Feeling more intelligent by the minute!

Today has been a good day.

I was a bit worried as I woke up quite tired and sometimes by 2pm wish I hit the wall, but it’s now 4.25 and I’m still going!  The technique seems to be work from 8.30 until 12.00 (when Tim comes home for lunch).  Walk the hounds for 10 minutes, eat lunch and then back on it by 1pm.

By the time it got to 3ish I’d got a bit sick of reading the literature review stuff and went to Stanley’s coffee shop and had a decaf latte and read The Creative Act -Duchamp just to get a feel for it.  Made notes to go back to and then zoned out by writing about the Nexlace making process.  Not sure I’ve even put a picture up of it so I’ll post that with my written commentary soon.

Having spoke to Dr Anna yesterday and combo-ing it with Prof Swindell’s words of wisdom, i’ve been re-reading notes made in an earlier journal paper I wrote and re-writing for the literature review. I created this form with some advice from another colleague and feels more appropriate than the old matrix that was confusing me.  Still in note form but making more sense to me thankfully!

 Slowly but surely it seems to be getting there.  Think I may have to change some holidays around to come in and see them for more advice but I can take them off at a later date again.

So todays feelings are positive.  I get more done sitting at my dining room table sometimes than going and staring at my computer in work.  It doesn’t feel the right place to work there.

I’m still going to carry on for a bit, but might knock it on the head for Neighbours at 5.30!  Will do some drawing later maybe.  At least I feel back in the zone and that I am thinking about it again more.

Going to see if I can take the lost love box over to Stanley’s tomorrow…see if they’ll have it for a week!


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