Project Love

Having met with my supervisor last week, I have been set an assignment to complete “Project Love”!

What it is really is i’m getting too broad with my field of research and need to start writing somehow, so we’ve come up with the task for the 3rd of December to Define what lost love is, using 3 key pieces of literature per area.

These being the key areas.  This has given me more focus as it now allows me to concentrate my reading to basically 9 texts, to work out my definition….!  I’m feeling better already (apart from its taken me a week to write up notes from a meeting I had).
I’ve also been in the studio this afternoon.  Having joined an induction for other students in the Contemporary Art room i’ve learned how to do Acetone Transferring.  
This involved putting an image (photocopy) face down onto a surface you wish it to appear on, then painting the back with the acetone and rubbing it with the back of a spoon or flat implement.
I wanted to experiment with old photographs on leather, which gave a really interesting effect, as if the image was old and corroding. 
Just had a thought, if this was combined with the moulding of the leather over a sentimental object it would hold that form….?  Might try that tomorrow.
Some interesting experiments starting to take place!
This is a photo of my dad and granny in the 50s making snowballs.

Also been experimenting with glass wax which I thought would be more impressive. It instead left loads of bubbles in the cast which took away from the look I hoped to achieve… 

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