Getting back into it (the Lit review)

So after a little camping holiday, in which I thought I would actually get some reading done (I didn’t) I am now getting back into it today.

I did manage to find  couple of books in Keswick, one from Oxfam and the other from a little book shop.  Just have to get round to reading them!

I feel a bit like i’m floundering again today although I bumped into my supervisor yesterday and he mentioned arranging fortnightly, 45 minute meetings so that would give me a good goal to aim for every two weeks…!

So today I plan to type up my diary notes of journals and notes i’ve already read, which will hopefully mean when it comes to writing up the lit review i’ll be able to draw comparisons etc.

I also want to finish the participant interview form as then it feels like I have created a little pack for people to look at and read before being interviewed.

I need to print off my timeline too to stick on the wall so I know where i’m going!

Right….back to work!

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