Finding our feet 2

Today I was invited to attend the history PhD students get together.  It is an event where students who are working on co-collaboration projects get together and discuss ideas and ways forward using the technique.  It’s really helpful for me as its good to know how other students have gone about certain things and how things have worked.

I realised when discussing my new idea that I need to define the type of love that I am discussing, be this true, real, first, platonic, lost, etc….. Then and only then can I define it.
I also need to decide how I am going to look at the object, which I have now decided to call the artefact as after discussion today an artefact is an object that is interacted with where as an object comes across as a thing that may have been left untouched.  Historians talk about artefacts and as my area is about historical items to an extent this is what I will call them.
We also discussed the idea of using “generations” of the same family which then means that I am kind of agreeing to the idea that relationships have to be those that produce offspring.
It might be that I work on a group of people from the same home as in retirement home or something…..a certain group.
Also another thing is is it a love for a person or an artefact.  I kind of think it’s how the person that has been “loved” comes to manifest itself within an artefact that was given to them…..?  
It’s time for bed now but I’m glad I got these things down so I can remember tomorrow,…. Lots of sorting out to do.

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