The start of the PHD

So as of the end of May I changed my PhD focus! It wasn’t what I was passionate about and after attending the IFFTI conference in Florence, hosted by Polimoda, I realised that exhibiting my work in an artistic/fashion based setting was the direction I should be following and not so much practical and problem solving design.  

I met so many inspirational people who said I should take the work further and having spent a further research day bogged down in theory of disability and government legislation I made the switch to follow my passion. 

Having contacted Professor Steve Swiindells who said he would meet with me to discuss how to move forward I was instantly more alive and knew this was the right desicion to make and what I want to do. I have been excited about reading and experimenting! We met last Thursday to discuss ideas and so I am currently re proposing my question.

Although I have put myself 6 months off schedule I have the passion and drive to take my new ideas forward in a practice led PhD. I will explain further tomorrow! 

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