The kindness of craftsmen

I am currently sat in an amazing treasure trove of tools! Thanks to my neighbour I found my man to make the brass frames for my watch and brass shoes. He let me come and watch him make the frames which is actually really good as I have learned so much more about the process and how metal lathes work, the time and precision involved and the skill to operate the machinery. It is also a methodical process having to think of which bit to do first as some are reverse sided and some need inner bevelled edges so it’s very interesting to work out the process.

One of the most interesting things about today is being able to input into how the pieces will be done so a bit of co production and I feel part of the journey still. We talked about bevelling the outer edge a bit so that’s been done and it changed how I thought the item would look but it has actually enhanced the design of it and feels right.

We have talked a lot about the work and what he did before he retired and what I do and make. He’s shown me photographs of his life and things he’s made and we’ve talked about stories of craft and meeting people. The rhythm of work really does get stories flowing!

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