Love just hit me…

On the way into Leeds on the train I just started reading a new book. “If you find this letter” by Hannah Brencher. This was a book discussed at the love letters conference so I was excited to get it after I got back. 

I just started reading it, I’m literally just a few pages in, but it starts by talking about Hannah leaving to go to live in New York and the way her mother has already left her love notes. I’ve been trying not to cry the whole time I’ve been reading it. This for my study comes under ‘familial love’ and she talks about it as ‘sticky love’ in the form of being given a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Her mum gave her them throughout her younger years  I just thought it was really nice and symbolic.
It also made me think what Steve says is right. I’m never going to be able to find a single definition or a universal one… It’s mine, and mine as part of my project. So I have to find one that works for me.
Report writing next week and hopefully some making too. Ready to crack on with it now 

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