Dark days and time on our hands

It’s been a while since I wrote, I think because generally I have been working on my write up of the thesis, which doesn’t involve uploading any pictures so, writing like this is just a little bit self indulgent I find.

However, sometimes the need to get out what you need to then helps you move on from a stalemate!  Which is where I appear to be!

With life suitably changed for the time being, it’s taking me a while to adjust to, both working from home and living from home.  Also I had set aside the Easter break to concentrate on nothing but my PhD.  However, with the new digital transition of teaching, I’ve found it hard to not become engrossed in teaching, but also to settle into reearch.  I long for days where I could read a book and write notes sitting in the sun, but it just doesnt’ seem to happen.  I sit at my desk and wonder what bit to get on with!

I had a great supervisory meeting on monday so I know what I need to do, it’s just how to do it.

SO. I need to remember.  Firstly…this is time I can be getting on with my PhD.  Also to take breaks away from it and to break down into managable chunks.

Although I will be on Easter break tomorrow, this PhD is my baby and I want to try and work on it when I’m feeling like I can.  I need to managage my AIH and PBC fatigue and see when I feel like I can get on.

Right….off to do 500 words…That’s todays goal 🙂

Keep smiling!




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