Literature Review Write Up

Again I find myself sitting at my computer being unable to get anything onto paper (digital paper).  I re looked at my chapter plan after thinking I couldn’t do it and then realised “I’ve done all this reading before”!!!!

I revisited both of my progression points and yes…there it was, all the reading I’d started when beginning this journey.  So having copied and pasted this into the relevant areas it’s not looking so daunting any more.  I do need to revisit each of these like I did within the literature review and add some depth, but also within the literature review situate myself and how I am working and how it is different to what others have done before me.

So this afternoon and the next few days I will be doing this.  I must try and stay at it.  I find it so hard to sit still whilst reading and think of so many other jobs to do!  I think I’ll be ok….after lunch 🙂


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