Back to work and setting up an exhibition.

This week has been hard and a learning curve, but then exciting and exhausting all in one!

I was going to write one long post about this all, but felt two would be more appropriate to explain a few things and my absence.

It was my first week back at work after a months hiatus because of illness.  An illness that was unexpected and sudden and will affect me now forever, which has/is hard to come to term with as I always have been so active.  Basically I felt like I was getting ill and then started turning yellow.  I had a week of travelling everyday to and from the hospital as I got yellower and yellower and more tired and sickly.  Finally on the Thursday my levels were so high they had to keep me in.

After scans and blood tests they found I had an inflamed liver, then that it wasn’t functioning and I had a biopsy.  After probably close to 100 blood tests they resolved that I have an auto immune condition that attacks the livers bile ducts so they can’t function.  It’s called Primary Bilary Cholongitis….!  They are still very puzzled, as am I as to what has caused it.

So thank my lucky stars I am one of these over organised people and had already sorted out the vinyl and got it cut, ordered and had had the plastic display cases delivered and begun preparing the exhibition booklet and fliers.  The very kind technicians at work cut my bases for the boxes and others came in to help with the installation.

The condition I have has left me with bad fatigue, which to a busy body is very frustrating!  I hate not doing anything and not feeling like doing anything is even worse.  I can’t even read anything by any means technical as it just doesn’t go in!  I have had some great helpers this week, sorting the vinyl and helping me with the installation, painting boards, printing booklets and I am so happy to have had their help.

It was a lot more straight forward than I’d planned.  I drew all the space up in Google Sketch Up before installation to check it would fit and how it would look, but when I was in the space it was just a matter of looking and changing until it FELT right.  Again this has been a theme throughout my making process and for it to follow through to the curation was a fitting surprise.

The quotes were all spaced out and didn’t relate to their specific object, more free form for people to read and consider.  The objects then stood in their own space to represent their story tellers and commanded their area, but worked well together as a group.  I was so pleased with it but also surprised at how good it actually looked!  I am so glad these pieces that are so familiar to me now get to be seen by so many other people who will hopefully engage with their own story that is triggered by someone else memory.

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