Experiments with crochet casting

The challenge of the last piece of casting, ironically this was the first interview I conducted was one of the most technical pieces I made.  The problem with this was finding a release agent that would allow for the fibres of the crocheted dolly to release yet maintain the print of the yarn within the silicone.  I tried a number of release agents, saturating the yarn with it, paint, epoxy resin, vaseline, wax spray and beeswax.  When I moved onto wax, it was only when the crochet sample was fully immersed within it and it was completely saturated that the silicone started to budge.  I found out that the wax would fill the yarn and still leave the detail of the stitches, but this had to be done in one pour to keep the stitches visible, otherwise they got masked.  After a number of failed experiments it was so good to finally work out the right method to preserve the detail.

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