Bag Stitching continues…..

When I decided to create this bag by hand I thought it would take a while, but I hadn’t anticipated the amount of thought and desicison making that goes into the construction of a hand stitched bag.  When machining I just ‘go for it’ but the position of the stitching, making sure all the stitches fit in place, making sure the thread doesn’t get spliced all has to be thought about.  The bag stitching takes time but it’s amazing to look at it now and see that it’s starting to resemble a 3D shape and a real bag!  The lining, as seen above is a patchwork of pages of the participants mothers RAF training note book.  She was a keen make do and mender and utilised all sorts of things after their first life was over.  Including making patchwork bags out of old clothes.  The lining is a patch work to symbolise that and the bag resembles the style of bag her mother used to carry.  She remembers it smelling of fountain pen ink and leather.

So I reckon a few more nights of stitching (I watched the whole Back to the Future trilogy whilst stitching the lining and the flap).

It’s really given me time to reflect on the story and think about the participant in this piece.  I’ve really enjoyed the hand made process so far.



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