The Drawer

The drawer that was found outside the blacksmiths shop was made of hard wood.  It was too long at too tall but the circumstances of its appearance fit in with my work so well that I had to use it and adapt it.  It already had its own meaning and its own memories embedded.  It had once held someone else’s treasured possessions.  An archive of something that I would never know.  But already built into the wood was the history of someone else life, passed on to me from someone else ready to store its next memory.

So I took the drawer to pieces and played with the location of where the watch could go.  On the back of the drawer or on the bottom.  The bottom seemed more fitting for a natural location for the object.  instead of just placing it into the drawer I wanted to embed it so I drilled and sanded the shape for the object to fit.  I then cut down the length of the drawer, but it felt too high, so I then cut the tops of each piece down and the front panel and glued them back together, clamping so it fit properly.  And it did!  It just worked being this size.  I sanded the tops down and thought about the story with the rhythmical motion.  Then the front piece was cut glued and screwed into place on the front of the drawer awaiting its forged handle that is yet to be made.  The handle will give me the opportunity to learn the skill of forging.  Hopefully this will happen next week.

The drawer felt the right finishing touch to the watch.  It needed something to sit in rather than the strap or something around it.

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