Working with my dad, part 2.

My dad’s workshop has always been a plae where you could find just about anything!  Tools, oils, paint strupper, alsorts!  When I needed to work with brass again, my dad was the person to help.  It was a freezing cold day, so we stayed in the garage and worked out what we needed.  We needed a tool….a tool that could bend metal, a tool that was very specific, but also lost…”I’m sure I’ve seen it”.  We spent a good hour or so looking for the tool and we couldn’t find it.  Looking through alsorts of boxes and bags.  Coming across things such as parts for old printers or chrome door handles, each with a story to tell.  I enjoy my dad telling stories and I always try and remember them.  We came across a hammer with resin ends, both of which had corroded.  I said, “throw it away, it’s useless”, to which the reply, “I can’t it was my dads” came.  It was interesting to see that even though he comes across items less than once a year, he can’t part with a broken hammer because of it’s memories.


We eventually found the tool.  Dad was keen to demonstrate it’s multifunctionality and we managed to bend the metal so it could be bonded.  I didn’t get as much making done that afternoon as I’d hoped, btu sometimes it’s as much about the interaction with people as much as the doing.


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