End of Year Round up

So it’s Boxing Day and for some reason I find myself sat at my computer doing a bit of research.  I wanted to just work out what I had done and what I plan to do in the next few months for my PhD, so I can start to get on with it.  This will hopefully make up part of a plan that I can follow.

I’ve managed to finish 3 items.  I’ve finished them so much so that I have photographed them.  I have managed to interview one of the participants about their finished piece.  I need to interview the other 2 participants.

From this first stage of making I have discovered a number of things.  Some of it I wrote in my post about the rolling pin but it applies to all the pieces.  I seemed to ‘know’ when something in the process was wrong or right.  Materials, techniques etc.  Even when I should be making.  This is something that I will take forward to the next ‘batch of objects’.

The next objects that are already underway but yet to complete are:

Bag, Bottle, Brass shoes and watch.  The shoes and watch are objects that I will be relying on someone else to help me make the metal frame so it’s hard to make sure I find the right person to do it, that I build a relationship with them and then am happy with the process.  I also have to find funds to do these bits too!!!

I have then got the larger objects to finish.

Rucksack, trainers and toilet dolly.  As it happens my last piece to finish and cast was the trunk in my MA collection.  I think it is just the sheer volume of the object that I am casting and also because it is a new technique again.  Casting onto a fabric is a bit of a funny process and so all these objects do that to some degree.  You have to make sure the fabric weave is sealed so the silicone doesn’t got through it and embed itself in the fibres so i need to do some patch tests of barriers on fabrics and things like that.  Then hopefully they will all work!!!

Having spoken to my supervisor I also need to get my reading done but I find this hard whilst i’m making.  It appears to be more of a reflective process rather than a combo at certain points.

I keep having feelings that I am doing OK but then the written side I panic I’m getting behind with.  It’s quite hard to manage with everything else I need to do.  I think the quicker the making is done then I can prioritise the reading and writing.

In the new year I have three consecutive days of ‘getting on with it’.  I’m going to sit down and really sort things out.  Pull out all the paper work, get some spider diagrams underway and streamline what I have got into some kind of order.  I’ve already cleared my wall infant of my desk to start pinning up different things.

Happy Christmas!!!!!

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