Bag patterning and making

Before I started my PhD I did my MA in which I learned traditional leather working skills including bag making. Bag making is something I continued to do until the last couple of years.  Having gained a story that the product required a bag making I was quite glad to try to utilise the skills again.  The bag in the story is one that resembles a Mulberry Bayswater style bag and so having researched into this I found it was a flap top bag with handles.  On my first attempt I did not enjoy doing a mock-up because as I was sewing I knew it wasn’t right but I kept persevering with it, however I know that I won’t be able to line it and that where the leather joins in places won’t accomodate the lining so I need to have a re-think as to the construction.  This is not a bad thing though as I think I tried too hard to replicate something, rather than channeling the story and letting it grow and develop through that.  I will look more into this later.  I did however buy some beautiful leather from Roy at Metropolitan Leathers.  It is so nice and soft and clean…..!  Looking forward to working with it.

Inetesting again how the process has to fit the story or else the object and myself don’t feel right……


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