Trains are so good for reading and thinking. The last couple of days I’ve been working in Manchester and so I’ve been on the train by 7.30 each morning and spent an hour can chug up with research reading. Both texts… Richard Sennett, the Craftsman and Peter Korn, why we make things and why it matters have given me a real excitement regarding craft and making . I’ve been underlining and note making like a crazy lady! It actually made me wish I had a commute in the morning as that time is then designated to reading where I don’t seem to have that time anywhere else…. I seem to read better ‘in transit so maybe I need to start jumping on a few trains on a research day and visiting some galleries. The problem I find is that at home I get easily distracted and wander off when I’m starting to get to interesting bits because I get over excited! Also reading later for me is hard so actually the early morning read works really well. I may have to work out how to take advantage of this.


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