Stories on a train

Travelling back from working in London for a couple of days, where generally you’ll walk around looking at people but not talking due to the fast paced life, it’s always good to jump on the train home. People going “back to yorkshire” always seem quite happy or ‘can’t wait to get home and get a brew on’ (sorry very stereotypical but that’s what’s just been said to me by the couple in question).

An elderly man was drawing away on a notepad. Being nosey I asked to see his sketches and he gladly showed me them. His wife chipped in that he’s always drawing! We then had a chat about art and skills and other things which was really…well just nice!

Then, as we approached their stop, they both started looking out the window and giggling and pointing. Afterward they turned back to me and the lady said thats where I used to live and where ‘he’ (husband) would throw his kitbag over the garden fence from the train when he was coming back from working in the Royal Marines. She said she would run out into the garden at 1am to retrieve it! He said it’s so he didn’t have to carry it back from the station. Her dad said she was crazy! Not crazy, just in love. The whole journey they just finished or repeated each other’s sentences. When they got off, the stop before me, they both waved when the train pulled out.

I love Yorkshire folk!


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