Fabric printing

Monday ended up being a case of right time right place.  I rang the digital fabric print technician to get some advise and costings on how much it would cost to print my fabric for the lining of the bag.  The bag is based around the last story I collected and the pages of hand written work book from 1941 that I photographed and created a patchwork layout from earlier (the week before).  As I was on the phone, she said, if you have the file now we can do it now and that’s exactly what we did!  It was like I mentioned in another post, one of those jobs that I would have continually put off, but actually the result was incredibly easy and took 30 minutes tops!  The patchwork pages came out better than I had hoped and had a real vintage look about them.  I was so happy with the result and this has spurred me on to get on with the actual bag.  I managed to do the pattern for this on Tuesday.  It feels like all the making has picked up again and I am looking forward to finishing some of the object.  I showed the fabric to the lady whose story I am making for and she thought it was beautiful.  I was so pleased she liked it!  That drives you further to make more.

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