The right method of production


Last week I was working on the strap for the camera case (nearly finished….!).  I had envisaged making the handle with a laser cut finish and so booked in to use it last tuesday.  The image is from the pattern of the purse.  It’s an ornate design in gilding on leather and the purse was given to the owner as a gift which she has kept for 60 years.  I wanted to use this design somehow and so embossing it or detailing on the leather seemed like the best way.  However how the image had been created meant that the laser crudely created a very dark replica.  I knew from the first sample that this was not the right method.  The burning of the leather felt totally wrong for the story and just didn’t feel right.  Even lightening ip the print to reveal more of the detail didn’t help and so I knew instinctively that it was a technique I’d utilised before that I needed to use.  In a matter of minutes I was working on creating an acetone printed piece of leather.  Like Sennett and Korn both discussed, I knew how to do this method instinctively, like the back of my hand and so the tacit knowledge kicked in before I knew it and again as I was working, I was processing the story and remembering what we had discussed in the interview.  It just felt right.

The strap was finished and cut and using the acetone gave it the right amount of detail and distortion.

I was pleased I’d discovered that not all methods of working are right for the making process and that the process has to feel right to make the object in the proper way and channel emotions.

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