Facing the hard bits

So it’s starting to get real again.  My PhD study seems to go in waves… I have times where I get time to really get into it, then end up at some points trying to keep my head above water as i’m drowning in the rest of my working life work!

I thought I was doing OK until the other day. I had a tutorial and realised that I need to set myself some goals for making.  It’s funny, I seem to try and ‘save’ the making as I find this the best part, yet actually one of my supervisors reminded me that the reading and the making need to go hand in hand.  I will have to do both at the same time….It’s sometimes tricky to get my head round, but then actually I should just get on with it and see how it goes.  Also I forget i’ve got 3 more years so if the making happens sooner then that’s longer for the writing up at the end.

I’ve also found a few conferences and exhibition things I want to apply for….I need to get on with those asap!  I think I’ll be on it at the weekend too….

So now I need to make a plan….Plan what I will get done by Christmas.  Then I have some goals to reach.

I’m excited.

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