Plymouth Making Futures

Not just any old conference, but one that you have to get on a ferry to get to it!!!!  The Plymouth Making Futures was hosted at the stately home on Mount Edgecumbe Country Park.

It was a really exciting conference to go to, because conferences I have attended previously, bar the fashion design ones have never had a ‘making’ focus.  It was really exciting to hear the different ideas of making, how people are using it either, for wellness, in industry, for archeology, for historical reference.  How people come up with ideas.  What craft is and will become.  It was so interesting.  I have realised or feel like I need to up my presenting game.  I get very anxious before I present and so need to think of a way of presenting that I can ad lib but also so I know what I need to say.  That will be my next challenge.

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