I know I should probably finish a few pieces first, but actually I like the idea that i’m working with a few stories at the same time, rather than one after the other.  This object combines the medal with a bottle so what I am trying to do is embed the medal into the bottle and cast the bottle in silicone, so technically the glass bottle is the mould.  To do this I need to create a mould of the bottle in plaster of paris so the glass surface stays shiny.  I then need to let it completely air dry before casting into it  Then I need to cast the medal to make a silicone version of it, to then use to position in the bottle mould to then cast into….! It’s a bit of a crazy process.  So far yesterday I got to the stage where I’d done half the bottle mould and then covered the medal in silicone.  I will be creating the next bit today….!

Will update later.

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