Medal Part 2

This morning I went back into the studio to carry on working on the bottle and medal.  All was not as well as it was yesterday as I had an issue with a number of factors.  The bottle was a little bit stuck in the plaster of paris and so I had to cut into the edge to let it out which has slightly worried me that there may be a not so neat join when I come to do the silicone bottle although this may end up being part of the design.  When it was out the plaster had a dull finish.  I really thought it would be shiny and so I have reluctantly done the other half of the mould in the hope I can polish it up to a high shine before casting in the T-4.  I might have to read up on this technique.

When the bottle was removed I removed the medal from the silicone mould.  I wanted to make a ‘fast-cast’ plastic version of it…fast cast goes from liquid to solid in about 5 minutes so it’s quite handy and allows you to form it if done quick enough.  The middle image shows the first fast cast attempt.  Unfortunately moisture had got into the fast cast and so it bubbled up and turned foamy!  It was very bizarre, however the technician had some more in teh cupboard, however the ‘new’ fast cast wasn’t very fast and took about 20 minutes to go off enough to make it mallable and demould it.  You can see when it was demoulded it was formed inside the bottle to make it fit the inner curves.  I did this twice, just to make sure it fit snuggly.  I then used vaseline as a barrier on the bottle again, reinserted and moulded the top half of the glass bottle to be de-moulded tomorrow.  Sometimes the casting process takes a lot longer than thought of so it can be quite frustraiting and I feel like I’ve achieved little some days.  It does however give you chance to reflect on and tweak the process.  I’ve also set up two tests to see if they work….one is casting silicone (pink) into silicone (pink) and silicone (T-4) into silicone (pink).  One to see if they go off as this would allow me to create a silicone medal rather than a fast cast for the bottle.  I alos worked out how to pour the translucent silicone by casting one half with the medal in flat, once this has set then put the mould together and pour in to the other side.  This will mean there is no join…..unless I put a frame around the bottle which could be another design amendment.

I’m really enjoying making at the moment and working with each story overlapping.  I think this saves me from taking on the stories on as a burden and allows just enough emersion each day into a couple of stories rather than being too full on with one.

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