3D Max! Training and Ideas!

Today has been both a new experience and also a blast from the past.  I am wanting to use a 3d printer to create the rolling pin with embedded or extruded writing as I want it to be able to print into pastry when it is rolled.  It has been really beneficial to attend this and I will be there until Wednesday as it’s a proper hard core training session!  Doing the processes of learning such as below creating a ‘lathe’ to rotate the object round an axel creates the exact shape that I would need (experimentation with candle sticks).  As the trainer was teaching us about creating helix and springs I had another idea (seen below) of creating the rolling pin shape with the text of the recipe.  Although then I am not sure this would be strong enough and I have been thinking after printing the rolling pin I can cast in silicone again into a shape to create a case for it with the words inside…..!  This and the medal/bottle is a step up from what I have previously tried to cast so it is really pushing my skills which I am looking forward to!



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