Progression Meeting 2!

I was lucky enough this week to see both my supervisors and also my second meeting of the week both clarified and solidified what had already been discussed.  I have started to transcribe my meeting recordings now as it’s the written side I struggle with so I think that it will help.

I need to start planning my chapters and thinking about the reading and what I need to write….from areas such as the container and contained, storytelling, life stories, documentation as the art form, heritage craft to name but a few.  Once I’ve started to get these areas together I think that will help.

I need to update my timetables of making and type up a few more notes so I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks to have time to do this.  It’s put me on a positive note so I feel good about the direction and spurred on!  I feel like I am starting to own my project a lot more now too.


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