Shoes – removed….

I collected the shoes from the studio last week and was excited to see how these would come out.  I took them back to the office and carefully cut where the silicone had spilled over the tops of them and then peeled away the sides.  It took quite a lot of pulling but the first one popped out leaving an absolutely beautiful ghostly image of itself.  I was so happy at how it looked.  It was funny because as I was doing it, I just kept thinking about everyone who had seen me making this piece saying ‘my gran’ or ‘my mum’ or ‘I remember those’.  They have become a sign of rememberance for many people so it seems.

After I’d pulled the shoes out I was really happy with how the piece had turned out.  I also produced a clear base so the shoes will be like a ‘bubble’.  I will be creating a frame to go round them to hold them together.  I instantly emailed the participant some photographs of the object who was really pleased with the outcome of the pieces.  She said it was truly amazing and was delighted I could have used her story.  We are meeting up this week so I can show her and get her opinion on the next stage of the process…  A sort of evaluation of progress and a co production meeting.

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