I have started working on a number of different objects at the same time as this helps with the economy of casting.  I tend to do too little or too much so actually having the next object ready to go allows for this.  With the shoes I had to contemplate how I wanted them to be displayed.  I decided the participant said they were together on the window ledge so that’s how I wanted them to be.  With the mould I turned it the way it was supposed to be and used little blocks of wood to fit at the right point in the mould.  I had to part fill the shoes so when they are upside down they won’t have any air bubbles in.  This is for the next phase.

On a side note, whilst I was working on the shoes two people came and said ‘my grandma had these!’.  They then started telling stories, so it’s really exciting to see that although these objects hold memories for one person, other people have their own personal response to them.  This could be something that could be factored in when exhibiting, that people might want to tell their own story about a similar object too!


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