Beginning to make memories visible

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.11.49.png

Today has been a good day…

I wanted to get some reading done, however my brain wanted to get designing, so after a good session last week of analysing all the stories and creating a shortened version, with annotation about what I could possible make, I began drawing from these notes.

As I drew I visualised each of the people telling me the stories and each of the memories they told me.  I worked them into the drawings.  On a couple of occasions I actually stopped what I was doing and rang one participant to arrange a meet up and emailed another to do the same.  These are people who I have met through the project who have become friends.  Friends in the sense I have been over for coffee to their houses and been out for dinner.  It’s developed from a working friendship into a lasting one.

My other reasoning was one of my participants is an older lady who has not been in the best of health but told me the most magical of stories that I could have never imagined being told.  She sent me a letter to arrange a visit, but said she’d not been in the best of health and was on ‘borrowed time’.  I actually cried when I read the letter and I think that shows what kind of a bond I have made with some of the participants.  It makes thinking about the process and the people and their memories so much more in depth when designing and I am conscious I have to do the story/the memory and those involved the best I can.

I worked from my preliminary sketches as I drew up the ideas individually.  Seeing the items then take shape as a collection and what they stand for this evening made me smile.  Looking at the objects assembled together as above is like looking at a collection of friends and people I know.  I have a couple more to add to the line up but just wanted to write down my thoughts as they stand at this moment.

Looking forward to getting making!

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