Methodology Ideas and Making Futures!

I’ve just had a day of typing up, analysing and drawing today, it’s been really interesting and exciting.  I just wanted to write a few notes down on how I think this would be part of my practice based methodology as I’m just trying to do a diagram of this.

  1. I listen to the interview when I’m conducting it and have initial ideas that I mull over.
  2. Then when I’m typing up the story and analysing it I have my sketch book at hand as all of a sudden something triggers my creative ideas

Initial ideas I have whilst interviewing are generally strengthened with the details, for example, I conducted an interview about a fathers medal…this was the object that reminded the person of their father.  Then when listening back I connected it to other things, in this instance, I’d forgotten from the interview this person worked for a company that sold Rosehip syrup and so I connected them…Looking at the internet at what a bottle of Rosehip syrup would have looked like in the 1950s and sketching initial ideas.  this connects the memory of the person with an object they treasure and other memories they have….! Tada!!!!

Really enjoying having design time and just entered the Plymouth ‘Future Materials’ conference that I’m really excited about….I hope I get in……fingers crossed.  I love the thought of explaining my processes…hopeully there would be some people who were interested!!!!!

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