The method of fashion

So, over the last few days I’ve been sorting out how I feel about my making and getting back into thinking about craft and what I enjoy about it.  I really enjoyed my research day on Friday…!  I got to go and have a go at forging across the road from where I live.  I’m very lucky to have access to some fantastic crafts people in the area.

I also spent some time re-reading through all the lost love stories I’ve collected and started re-analysing them with a focus on the persons emotional response, context – where they were etc and why they are telling me the story.  Also my emotional responses and also what i’m thinking of making.

What I discovered was as I was reading each story I was designing as I read.  It made me reflect on my Masters work and how as it was art/accessories I still always referred to it as my ‘collection’….a fashion term I suppose.  Anyway, as I was sketching ideas it occurred to me that my methodology relates to that same ‘fashion’ idea…

As I now have collected the stories I want to work with and interviewed the participants and analysed their stories, I feel like I am in a period of design and that the objects are a series or collection that all interweave and interlink so they need to be drawn up as a collection and then created rather than being independent of each other.  It has made me re-energised about my craft and I am dying to get stuck in!!!

I need to come up with a timeline of how to create the objects and in what order so that’s my next job.



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