Learning my Craft

I’ve suddenly began to realise over the last few days that I forgot what I loved doing and how I need to remember it’s important to do the things you love.  I am lucky enough to have an amazing Blacksmith’s across the road from my house.  We made friends having discussed all things making, ranging from leather work to type etc.

Anyways I popped over this morning to take some measurements of a printing press that would be amazing if we can get working again, which in turn I would be lucky enough to play with.  I feel to do my PhD I need to re-gnite my passion for making and hand crafting, but also learn new skills to give me my confidence back.

So I went over there and we started talking about tools and alsorts and I ended up leaving with a new knife and another tool underway and also having a go on the forge and forging some steel!

It’s so nice to have people around you who are passionate about their craft but also willing to share their skills with you.  I am looking forward to bettering these! Here’s a pic of me taking it out on a piece of steel!



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