Finally some making…. 

Today I’ve found some time to do some studio stuff! (Hurrah!)

I decided to work on The rolling pin story a bit as I’ve been having ideas about it and thought I’d dedicate some time to it. I’ve managed to print out recipes from the ‘mothers’ recipe book and then put these onto the rolling pins using acetone printing. I like this method as it gives an incomplete print so allows parts of the memories to be captured and other parts not. 

I then had a great idea to use a pyrograph iron to burn in the recipes creating a relief so that it would imprint into pastry. 

Anyway, as it turns out it’s bloody hard to control, gets stuck and does not create the desired effect so it’s back to the drawing board with how to do it again. 

Going to find out about laser cutting….. 

I kind of wanted to do it by hand but I suppose this is the next best thing. 

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