Getting back into it…

I knew getting a PhD wouldn’t be easy and I also knew juggling it with work would also be hard, however for the past 3 weeks I haven’t had any time to do anything even on my research day from work as it’s been taken up with admin tasks and solving problems sadly….however, last night I finally sat down again and started having a look at my crocheting skills.  It has taken me a while to get used to how to do it and read a pattern and last night after trying to read up about it I actually just fathomed it out and it clicked. I’ve been using a book to help with it and maybe the focus at the moment has slipped from learning it as part of the PhD to learning it in general as I’ve been creating shapes that may not relate to the end object. I think I need to now start focusing on creating a garment as that was the intended outcome however I want to re-interview the participant and ask her about colours, styles, the year it would have been, the age of her Nana when making these. I also need to recognise not very stitch needs to be perfect so as part of the making I may just carry on and rectify rather than pulling out and starting again. Having been reading a paper by Jo Turney entitled ‘making love with needles’ it is more about the giving of the garment than the taste and so as the mediator I need to take this into consideration. 

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