A workshop of my own!

Over the past few months/year I’ve been trying to find a local workshop for my own practice and for crafting.  I haven’t felt like I’ve been in the right environment since I moved in and just felt quite cramped so I haven’t really ‘made’ anything properly since I left my MA.  I just really want to get back into making especially with my PhD.  I decided to build myself a work bench that’s actually quite high (1078mm tall to be exact)!  It compromises of 2 IKEA Billy Bookcases that I had to doctor to make the skirting board gaps higher and then a sheet of 18mm plywood cut to the size of the alcove then 2x batons of 38mm x 50mm wood that acts as an edge to fit around each side of the book case meaning that the top is held on without being actually attached.  I also have enough baton left to make it a freestanding workbench by adding across the shorter edges if I wanted to move it out of the room at some point.

I cleared all my books off the shelf and have begun to sort all my tools out.  It was quite good to see what i’ve actually got!  I had enough ply from the off cut to make a back board to which i’m going to have my tools on….that’s stage 2!

It’s really inspired me to get making again and i’ve enjoyed not falling asleep on the sofa and doing something pro active!

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