All the gear no idea…

So on a trip to Hebden Bridge at the weekend I visited a little knitting shop that is really lovely as I thought I should buy a ‘decent’ cool looking crochet hook and some nice yarn.  I have the Edward’s Animals book which I have been learning to do circles with so I thought some nice stuff might make me do more.  As such I haven’t really had time to have a proper go, but to be honest I could have just carried on using the yarn and hook i’d got really…. I’m just a sucker for craft equipment!

I have actually been crocheting on and off for a week and a bit and it’s nice to say that it clicked on saturday afternoon as to how to do certain things like start off a circle!  I have been filming my progress of this as I go so hopefully that will all pull together to make  short film.

Had a good tutorial yesterday about where to go from here…  I have decided to get in touch with all the people whose objects I’m looking at using.  I think this may be good for the project in terms of building relationships with them a bit further and them having input in the making.  I will keep you posted.

Just also found a mega conference all about love but I need to apply before the end of the week!!!!!

Might see if I can get 300 words written for that tomorrow!


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