Sinking in…

Today has been a hard day. Lots to do at university in my teaching role, but had a few questions for Hilary regarding how to crochet in a circle. I’ve been practicing (a little bit) but not really had much time to do I thought after my progression on Tuesday I’d treat myself to a crochet boomcalled edwards animals by Toft, which curtosy of Amazon prime came yesterday, however I couldn’t fathom the crocheting in a circle…. so Hilary showed me again a few basics of how to hold my hand and tension the thread 

I just could not however get how to stitch into a blooming circle and so when I got home I watched a YouTube video about the magic circle however it was American and they name things differently and I still just didn’t get it. Then I tried stitching into one stitch which weirdly I suddenly was doing it!!!! It was really weird. I think something just clicked when I began to relax with it but I’m not counting my chickens yet. Annoyingly as I want to video all stages I couldn’t hire a camera today but I am going to buy one, so I can make sure I can capture it whenever I’m doing it, but here’s a picture. I was trying it for about an hour in the end…..! Sent Hilary the picture to prove it! 

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